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Eurydice has been a sex writer & archivist, a multi-modal scholar & sexual freedom activist for 25 years. She was born on Lesbos, an island rich in symbol in a country known as the birthplace of humanism & patriarchy (which in time codified the JudaeoChristian dichotomy between body & mind or soul). EURYDICE is a practicing writer & multi media artist whose body of work is infused with a consistent ideological resistance to female marginalization & repressed, dominated sexual expression. Like Sappho, Eurydice paid a high price for writing as a Lesbian in a patriarchy that binds us by its words as well as by its laws, paradigms, aesthetics. Patriarchy requires women to adopt its dominant logos. Just as the male gaze turns the female nude into voyeuristic pornography, so Sappho the Lesbian poet became the prototypical lesbian in 700BC because she used man’s language freely as a woman! Eurydice follows in her footsteps.  The history of the representation of the female nude body in art from the first scratches on cave walls to now, & the intellectual & personal disconnection that results between a woman & her body is her theme. The quest to turn woman from the ideal eroticized object into subject constitutes Eurydice's creative quest. As a woman in a patriarchy that binds women to its words, laws, paradigms, & aesthetics, Eurydice has used the male logos & the male gaze to express the suppressed truth they were constructed to distort. Eurydice has used most available media of artistic expression on behalf of feminist resistance, always committed to put an end to the insidious ways in which our shared language & gaze insist on turning the fertile female nude into voyeuristic porn. Eurydice’s work is steeped in philosophy & history & dedicated to the generations of silenced women for whom she hopes to speak. 



'f/32 has been called ‘the definitive novel on female sexuality.''  —The Village Voice 

‘Just the most authoritative and compelling writer of sex in the English language.’    —Craig Marks, Spin magazine

‘Extraordinary and arousing, a book to read between the sheets.’ —Emily Jenkins

'An erudite and astute 'road tour' of the far frontier of state-of-the-art American sexuality.'   --Francine Prose

‘It’s wonderful to see a woman (Eurydice) not interiorizing male fear of her, especially her body, but rather confronting that fear, fighting it, and celebrating her body and her sexuality by creating a fabulous and funny tale.’    —Kathy Acker

‘A unique blend of reportage, memoir, research and incisive analysis. The strength here is that the author does dig up unquestionably fascinating subjects. The book is worth reading–you’ll feel contentedly average afterward.’          —Joel Stein

'An honest roll of snapshots of American sexuality. This book empathetically and nonjudgmental conveys us through different worlds, compulsions, and choices, illuminating the spectrum of human extremity.'      --William T. Vollmann

'Eurydice's subject matter is interesting and timely, as is her thesis that we have conceptualized and controlled the life out of sex. She is genuinely passionate and her thoughts on the sensual nature of faith are strong and beautiful.'    --Mary Gaitskill

'f/32 is a highly original narrative, a parable of sorts, disturbing and funny at the same time.'  ---Robert Coover

'A fascinating guide through this dark, foreboding underworld.'  --Sudip Bose

'f/32 is one of the most daring American novels I have read in years. It is comical, ribald, passionate, visceral, maniac, and wise.Almost any page of f/32 redeems us from the academic writing and banalities we have endured in the past decades of bloodless fiction.'  ---Fred Tuten 

‘In true Bildungsroman fashion, Ela’s experience of herself in f/32 develops from one of unconscious fragmentation to completeness in fragmentation. The literary parodies of the Bildungsroman and of notions of essence and absence are necessary components of this novel. For the reaffiliation of the self with the self (as in Virginia Woolf’s Orlando), it is necessary to go over and through history, and to appropriate the self through history’s remarks in literature.’    —Patricia Coleman

'Eurydice's fascinating and thought-provoking Satyricon documents the lives of America's sexual transgressors, a cast of naughty, narcissistic and occasionally frightening characters. The line between 'normal' and 'abnormal' isn't blurred, it's obliterated. Primarily, Eurydice manages this by providing historical contexts for seemingly anomalous sexual acts.'   --Washington Post

'Eurydice elicits sweet nuggets of truth from her interview subjects, exposing the most private, transgressive behaviors. Their delicious confessions not only illuminate the human psyche, they also offer prurient thrills. Her voice delivers unexpected erotic jolts, waves of repulsion, and glimpses of the human sexual soul.'    ---Village Voice Literary Supplement

'Eurydice turns up the heat (to) find furtive groping in the communities where it's most covert and explosive, in the uncomfortably co-ed military and at the Vatican. She talks to cutters and body-piercers, bloodletters, e-mail sex addicts, and vampire sex show performers. However sad or admirable, scary or peculiar, Eurydice's subjects are never boring.' --New York Observer

‘Satyricon USA is a fascinating glimpse into extremely creative sexplay. It can leave you outraged or shaking your head in wonder. And maybe, for some, it will be inspirational.’                    —-Kevin Dicus, New Frontiers

‘Hip without being glib, smart without being smug, Eurydice takes readers on an eye-opening tour of the American sexual underworld and emerges with the news that sexual deviance isn’t deviant at all: it’s deeply embedded in mainstream, middle-class America. In Greek mythology, Eurydice was the unfortunate bride of Orpheus, who tried to lead her out of Hades and failed. As a writer for Spin, this modern-day Eurydice reverses the journey, willingly descending into dank bars and addict meetings. Setting out to discover perversion behind the accepted norm, she finds instead that normalcy abides within such practices as necrophilia, sadomasochism, cybersex and erotic bloodletting. The book also draws strength from Eurydice’s honest confessions about how she feels about what she observes, sustaining a wonderful balance of intellect and emotion throughout her illuminating trek through contemporary sexuality.’                — Publishers Weekly

‘Drawing on hundreds of interviews, Eurydice attempts to answer questions like: Why is our society simultaneously obsessed with and afraid of sex? How can this widespread sexual eccentricity coexist with the recent puritanical hysteria about sexual harassment and sex in the military? Are we today more liberated or more confined than in the past? While shedding light on the varied answers to these questions, Eurydice learns that her subjects are not on the fringe of society; they are well educated, middle to upper class professional Americans, whose ‘perversions’ represent a quest for continuity, safety, and uniformity. Rather than acting as a travel guide to the sexual underground, Satyricon USA reveals the normalcy lurking in the dark spaces Eurydice visits. A unique blend of reportage, memoir, extensive research, and incisive analysis, it is a compelling portrait of a nation in the midst of redefining its sexual life.’   — Lambda Publications, The Weekly Voice of LGBTQ

‘The author finds most of the contemporary deviant practices she observes to be vaguely pernicious,‘the tricky disguise of our self-denials as sexual excesses.’ Eurydice is suspicious of our rush to define our sexual identities in ever-more-specific terms (butch bottom boy, radical fairy, bigenderist, transbisexual), codifying and policing what ought to be fluid and anarchic. ‘Words and signs are displacing our genitals. Emancipation has brought us no peace,’ Eurydice writes.’   –-Regina Marler

'On her journeys, Eurydice learns that the people who make up the sexual fringes are, in fact, well-educated middle-class professionals.Drawing on hundreds of interviews, Eurydice probes people's dual lives to answer the fundamental question: Why is our society simultaneously obsessed with and afraid of sex? Daring and ferociously incisive, Eurydice dives into the 'deviant' lifestyle to untangle the contradictions of our modern morality. Eurydice's new book is based on years of reporting and is loaded with serious analysis of modern sexual predilection.'  --Time Out

‘More outrageous than Erica Jong, more sensational than Nicholson Baker’s Vox, f/32 was Eurydice’s astonishing debut. If Gogol had an irrepressible nose, then Ela (a name meaning orgasm) has a less metaphorical organ which is relentless and defining. It whines, it shrieks, it drives Ela mad. Thanks to ‘it,’ Ela is an urban siren. Then, one day, she loses the instrument of her ‘pleasure,’ and sets out after it on a mock-quest for self-understanding and reunification. f/32 is a wild Rabelaisian romp through most forms of amorous excess, but also a brilliant and apocalyptic tale orbiting around a macabre sexual assault on the streets of Manhattan. Fasten your safety belts for one of the most dazzling rides in recent fiction.’ —Time Out London

‘Fiction’s future began with Eurydice’s f/32. Consider its exemplary genesis:Eurydice’s f/32 began when Francois Rabelais, in a moment that Hegel would one day call World Historical, wrote Gogol’s “The Nose.” Kathy Acker plagiarized “The Nose” by Rabelais, but called it “The History of the Eye.” The post-punk rock group The Pixies wrote a song called “Debaser” based upon the assumption that “The History of the Eye” by Kathy Acker was plagiarized from Luis Bunuel’s Chien Andalou. (Like the Mekongs—who wrote “Empire of the Senseless” but claimed never to have read Acker—the Pixies claimed never to have read Acker.) Acker was the opposite of nonplussed. She was plussed. It was thus left to Jacques Lacan to fall asleep while watching Bunuel’s Chien Andalou and listening to the Pixies on AKG holographic headphones, fall asleep in his sleep, double sommeil, and dream of a beautiful Greek woman, Eurydice, born mise en abime on the isle of Lesbos. He dreamt that by the age of eight she had rewritten all the books in her father’s library, incl. Homer, Shakespeare, and Beckett. He dreamt that she ran off to Hollywood at fourteen, planning to live as a guest with other exotic women of distant lands, like Madame Nhu, who find Hollywood congenial. Finally, with Lacan in REM nirvana, all sorrow annihilated, Eurydice wrote f/32.’      

 ---Curtis White


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Eurydice's books & art works, prints & wearables are available to buy on our Shop. Eurydice has published books with Scribner (Satyricon USA: A Journey Across the New Sexual Frontier. New York, London, Sydney, Singapore, 2000) & Touchstone; Virago Press (f/32: The Second Coming. London: 1993); Richard Kasak Books (f/32. New York: 1994); the Fiction Collective II (f/32. Normal, IL: 1991); as well as a book of poetry in Greek. Her writing has been widely translated, anthologized, taught, analyzed & reviewed. She was an investigative staff writer for Spin magazine & the sex advice columnist for Gear magazine. She has appeared on national & international radio & TV, incl. C-Span, Sky Channel, CBS, ABC, NPR, Amsterdam TV, on magazine features & documentaries. She has given numerous readings & performances in bookstores, theaters, universities, churches, spoken word slams ,& literary panels. She has a BA in Fine Arts from Bard College, where she studied with Roy Lichtenstein; an MA in creative writing from the University of Colorado in Boulder, where she studied with Allen Ginsberg & William Burroughs at Naropa Institute; an MA & an MFA from Brown University where she taught as an adjunct professor in creative writing. Her artistic work includes painting, drawing, film, performance, installation, & embroidery, an ancient feminine craft that brings together her Eastern & Western heritages. She has won recognition for her hand-embroidered tapestries, flag collages, & hand stitched plexiglass panels. Her work has been shown in numerous solo & group exhibitions in Europe &  the US, & is in private art collections & museums. In 2010 she had a ten year retrospective during Art Basel. She is the host of the Speak Sex podcast.





Every word is an Alchemical symbol. Every birth story starts with an Alchemical Genesis like the biblical tale of Eve coming out of Adam's rib. Fire is Alchemical. It transforms one element to another. Sexual energy is Fire. Each word we speak has an energy of its own, a vibratory signature that creates waves into  the society we all make.
When we speak, we use the vehicles of words to carry meaning & energy from ourselves to another person or group of people. Our words live in communities of other words & change in relation to the words that surround them, they
reverberate in our bodies and in the air around us. When we are conscious of the energy behind our words, we become capable of making meaning in the world. If we are unconscious of the power of words, we repeat inherited, ingrained cliches.

Some of us know this instinctively. Most of us, though, speak without thinking most of the time, blurting out our feelings & thoughts without much regard for the words we choose to express them. When we remind ourselves that our words have an impact on the world at the level of energy, we may find within ourselves the power to be more aware of our use of the language. Sex is the only human activity whose vocabulary has not been regulated by the dominant culture. Speaking Sex is like learning a new language, & the effect can be startling. As we grow more comfortable & confident with the language, we will compose accurate messages & avoid misunderstandings, creating truer intimacy & positive energy every time we express ourselves.





“Speak Sex” is a confessional, therapeutic, educational show platform for the demystification of sex. It aims to reassure and empower people (young and old) through dramatic, personal confessions. “Speak Sex” is the tool Eve uses for clarifying the increasingly complicated world of sex, emotions, dating & romantic relationships. Sexology is the study of the language (logos) of sex. Eve is not giving how-to sex advice. She gives how to Speak Sex advice. Eve shows her guests & her audience how to change the sexual narrative to fit the moment in a non-binary, feminist-informed, gender-blind way. The show’s dramatic arch is the unpredictable rise & climax of the conversation, the flow of the energy exchange during the resurrected art of nonsexual intimate debate. Each conversation is a highly cathartic, dramatic, unique, & therapeutic experience for the guests unlike any other. The 3-fold goal of the Speak Sex Philosophy is to 1. liberate people from the fear, shame, judgment, ignorance, & self-hatred associated with their sexuality by making them conscious of their sexual desires & able to articulate them in an informed, evolved, lucid & consensual way; 2. liberate people from the helplessness associated with sexual desire, put them in charge & understanding of their desires, & enable them to reunite their bodies & minds in a holistic way; 3. liberate people from the transactional exchanges associated with sex.


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Every word is an alchemical symbol.  Logos was the genesis of Creation. In every cosmogony, logos creates order out of chaos. In the same way, we first get to know ourselves at the age of 2 or 3 by telling ourselves stories. They become our individual cosmogony. We stick to our first stories that start to make sense, and we incessantly repeat those stories to ourselves till we die.  

Language is the building bond, and the communal bond that keeps us together & interacting. Language is the binding spell, the magic weave. We practice magic when we speak or write in the hope we can understand & can be understood through its shared code. All our energy is concentrated on this single intent.

The Book of Destiny is the timeless concept of a book that contains everyone's story. In old times, it was prewritten by the fates or by god. In this Aquarian age, we write our own destiny.

I call it Scribal Therapy.

Scribal Therapy is writing with a healing intention, writing  to connect us with our lives, our dreams, our goals & use our past to understand our present & manifest our future.

When we write moved by spirit, automatically, with healing rather than monetizing intention, we forget ourselves as who we are in daily life. We write deeper truth. We write to find the light in us & we use it to look at ourselves & our stories. We turn ourselves into a character, look at ourselves from outside & can lighten our shadow selves. The goal is to turn silence into voice.

My philosophy of writing has developed from my decades of daily writing. I have hundreds of thousands of handwritten pages in my archives. 

I write & rewrite to cast protection on the world & ward off evil. The only way you can keep your power is to use it.

I know the subliminal power of handling language. This year my daughter went college & I've now decided to share my private scribal practice with those who seek it out.

Most writers write because we have no other choice. If we did not, we would live awash in boredom, anxiety, powerlessness, meaninglessness, chaos. Me instead of We.

I am here for you as your guide to transform yourself. I am always on call.



1. a longterm archival project comprised of podcast conversations about women’s languages, choices, agencies 

2. a platform for access to personal narratives of women, womxn, POC, enhancing their visibility in dominant culture 

3. a safe sober environment to re-examine codes, semantics, patterns, symbols, signifiers, common sense 

4. a distillation of personal narratives of our bodies as capitalist transactional goods & of our heroines’ journeys of holistic reunion, reclaiming the complexity of the feminine 

5. an educational platform dedicated to launching a new collective language & cultural acceptance & opening up space in patriarchy to resist institutionalized puritanism & change prevalent perceptions of norm

Inspired by:

1. The advent of the metoo movement which redefined women’s boundaries 

2. The newly established women’s right to consent 

3. The lack of extensive feminist curriculum or archival compilation on sexuality since the Kinsey Report, gathered last century by a white man 

4. The fact that it is easier to have sex than discuss sex

5. The need for a study of the language rather the acts of sex that language informs, describes, deforms, mutes. Language determines how we define ourselves, how we are perceived. 

Over 100 artists have agreed to be interviewed. 

Eurydice is an artist & writer, sex archivist & activist in a patriarchy that binds women to its words, laws, paradigms, aesthetics. The male gaze that turns the female nude into voyeuristic pornography turned her ancestor Sappho the Lesbian poet into the prototypical lesbian because she used man’s language as a woman. 

Financial support will expand our mission, connectivity, exposure, outreach, incl. interactive multidisciplinary exhibitions where episodes can be created, played, broadcast, supported with discussion panels, growing the living conversation.






If you can't say it, it doesn't mean you shouldn't! Enter the Sex Whisperer. Welcome to Speak Sex w Eve Eurydice sex and relationship advice podcast 





Change the flow & energy of a conversation, a date, an argument, a confession by taking a break & saying: "Let's Speak Sex." 


I here & now give you permission to speak sex. Speaking Sex isn’t the same as having sex. You can speak Sex & be a virgin or asexual or abstain. You can speak Sex all you want & be beyond moral reproach by any & every definition. Words aren’t Actions. Signs aren’t the things they refer to nor the actions they signify. Confusing signs for their referents (confusing words for the things they mean) is the reason it’s harder for some to speak Sex than to have Sex. The other reason is lack of practice, the awkwardness of unfamiliarity. But isn’t it crazy when you think of it? Wouldn’t you like to be able to say what's on your mind & not fear plain simple words & sounds & not fear that you might hurt someone's feelings & sensibilities in the process? Well, Speaking Sex is like learning any new language. It's like speaking any other foreign language when you’re new to it. You need to practice it until it feels natural on your tongue. You need to practice it alone & with your friends & with your SOs & lovers. You need to practice it first when you're not having sex & when you're comfortable with it & have made sure your partner is comfortable with it, incorporate it in your sex life. Luckily, speaking sex is quicker to learn than a foreign language because it shares your basic vocabulary & grammar & pronunciation skills. For reasons that aren't linguistics but are cultural, Speaking Sex is equally hard regardless of your native tongue. So practice alone. Say to yourself, to your mirror, to your echo, ‘Eat my pussy,’ ‘Lick me clean,’ ‘Suck my ass,’ ‘I want to sit on your face’ & ‘Do you speak sex? Can we speak sex?’ It’s not easy, is it? & it should be!

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Speak Sex To Power Is

1. a longterm archival project comprised of podcast conversations about women’s languages, choices, agencies, about our emerging 21st century sexual language & sexual conversation; 

2. a platform for access to personal narratives of women, womxn, POC, men, alternate lifestylers, people looking for answers, enhancing our visibility in the dominant culture; 

3. a safe sober environment to re-examine our commonly used sexual & romantic codes, semantics, patterns, symbols, signifiers, the ways we translate ourselves to each other;

4. a distillation of our personal narratives of our bodies as capitalist transactional goods & of our heroines’ journeys of holistic reunion, reclaiming the complexity of the feminine in culture; 

5. an educational platform dedicated to launching a new collective language & cultural acceptance & opening up space in the existing decaying patriarchy to resist institutionalized puritanism & change prevalent perceptions of norm for the liberation of people of all genders


inspired by:

1. The advent of the metoo movement which has redefined women’s boundaries & language;

2. The newly established women’s right to verbally consent to sexual activity at every context;

3. The lack of extensive feminist curriculum on sexual relations & of archival compilation on modern female sexuality since the Kinsey Report, gathered in the last century by a white man; 

4. The need for a study of the language rather the acts of sex that language informs, describes, deforms, mutes, since language determines how we define ourselves, how we are perceived. 

Support will expand our mission, enabling more interviews, connectivity & exposure, expanding the living conversation. 

Speak Sex to Power is an archival project comprised of recorded conversations about sexual languages, choices, agencies, presentations; a platform for access to personal narratives that enhance our visibility in dominant culture; a safe, sober environment to re-examine codes, semantics, patterns, symbols, signifiers, common sense; a distillation of personal narratives of our bodies as capitalist transactional goods & of our journeys toward holistic reunion, reclaiming the complexity of the human; an educational platform dedicated to launching a collective linguistic & cultural acceptance & opening up space to resist institutionalized puritanism & change the prevalent perceptions of norm, inspired by the advent of the metoo movement & women’s right to consent, & by the lack of a feminist sexual language or of study of our contemporary language of sex rather the acts of sex that language informs, describes, deforms, defines. It should not be easier to have sex than speak sex!

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